A Letter To That Friend

(Before I begin, I would like to thank you all for the love and support that you all have been so kindly showering on this blog. I would like to gladly announce that we have finally crossed the ‘800 followers’ goal. Thank you to each and every one of you.)

Dear school best-friend,

This letter is dedicated to to you, for you were the one who stole my heart away. You, yes you, were that friend without whom I couldn’t survive school. You were that friend, whom I could fan-girl with and not be judged. You were the girl who had my back even if I wasn’t around. Why we stopped talking is something that I will not be getting into because my happy memories with you out-weigh the sad moments and fights. Now, this is something that we often said to each other and we may have known the meaning of this phrase but never really understood why we said it. Now that I have grown up and am more mature than I was back then, I take this opportunity to say, “I loved you”. I loved us. I loved who we were together. Unstoppable. Daring. Funny. Pretty freaking great. You may not feel the same. And even if you are reading this, you would be confused if I’ve written this for you. We still speak to each other. We meet each other then and there, but never really had a hearty chat with you after we supposedly “stopped being best friends”. And I hope that one day, when we grow older, I would have the opportunity to have a long awaited chat with you. But for now, all I want to say is, “Thank you”. Thank you for those happy memories. Thank you for those long cherished tight hugs. Thank you for respecting my family. Thank you for liking the same persons I did. Thank you for being a crazy determined fan-girl like me. Thank you for having my back since day one. Thank you for not saying bad things about me. Thank you for everything. Yes, I know we don’t speak much. But you’ll always have that special corner in my heart. You’re the only reason I loved school. We stopped speaking because we let someone get in the way. But, you’re the only friend that I never regretted having. If it was under my control, I would try and make us go back to how we were. But, that is not possible, is it? Because that is life and we all move on to things/people we think are best for us. At least I am glad you’re happy in your own way, and I am happy with my chosen path. Why did I write this letter? I wrote this because people often never value the friendship and always find fault in others. I did find my school soul mate. It’s just that we moved on. I don’t hate her. And I don’t think she hates me (even after the rubbish she’s heard people say about me). But yes, I did do crazy fun things with her. We were rogue. We were meant to be. Finally, I would say, I am glad that we are still friends and thank you for those lovely memories.

Your school best friend,
Realistic Beginner.

26 thoughts on “A Letter To That Friend

  1. That is how I also feel as well about my best friend. Wonderful that there’s other people that value friendship on the same level as I have. Totally well written!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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