Who are we?

Dear readers,

This week, I thought I’ll post an introspective blog and asking random but deep questions. So, let’s begin with, “How well do you know yourself”? Do you ask other people what they think you are? Do you ask yourself? When do you ask yourself such questions? Do you base it on how you acted in one particular situation? Do you base it on you acted when you were a part of a group? Do you base it on how you think on a regular basis?

If I were to ask you to describe yourself in three words, yes would come up with an answer (which is kind of obvious) but, why did you come up with those three words in particular? How did you choose those three words? What situations did you think of, which made you act the way you did, which made you invariably choose those three words? Why those three words and not any other adjective?

If someone asks me even the simple questions like which band do you like the most, or what’s your favourite dish, I find it hard to answer, because I can’t choose. Sometimes I act like a total introvert and sometimes I make decisions that a so called “extrovert” may take. Some days, I have chicken all day, but there are days where I want to eat nothing but veg food and then there are days where I just fill my stomach up with junk food. Sometimes, I just label myself confused because I can’t think of answer when someone asks me something about myself. My entire choice-selection is based on the situation I am in and my mood. Or maybe, I’m confused. Maybe I don’t know what I like.

So what am I? Am I just a lost and confused soul? But, isn’t everybody trying to figure out what and who they are? Can you name one person who has figured life out properly? If the answer is no, then what is the purpose of life? Is it just to leave a mark and reproduce? Yes, we talk about Tolstoy or Gandhi or Hitler or Steve Jobs. But what are we doing by learning about what happened in history and why are we so bent upon making this world a better place for the next generation? In the end, we all die. So, what is the purpose?

Maybe it is not about figuring out who you are, but just doing the things you want to do. In the end, is it all about doing whatever you please? What is good for me may be bad for you. Is it all about perspective? Killing someone is okay for you but it’s not okay for me? So, if good and bad is all about perspective, then how do rules and laws and acts and treaties come into the picture?

Don’t get me wrong, questions like these don’t give me anxiety. It’s just that these questions make me think, and I love questions that make me think. I do not have the answers to any of the questions I have asked above. Maybe I’ll never know. Maybe no one will ever know. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. See ya’ll, next Sunday.

Realistic Beginner.

16 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Lol – I was still thinking about the first part of your post before it branched off in a different direction. 🙂 I think that the reason why so many of us struggle to define who we are, is that we change as we grow. A better question to ask ourselves may be, “who am I now?” It can’t really be summed up by a few adjectives, I’m afraid. Who you are includes your roles (mother, daughter, friend, sister). It includes your current interests, your current political views, and faith, and values. It includes your career, or career goals you are working toward. It includes your ideals and dreams. And, of course, the deeper, more consistent parts of your personality and habits. It can be fun to explore who you are, be it through journaling, or Pinterest pinning, or personality tests, or blogging. I like to think that I have a solid grasp of who I am right now, at this snapshot in time. I am comfortable with myself, and always looking for ways to grow more, to become even better. Enjoy the journey!

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    1. I really love the way you think and I appreciate you taking the time and solving a few questions that I often ponder upon. Yes, indeed, a few adjectives can never be enough for anyone. I have a solid grasp of who I am, right this moment as well. And I’m glad for that. You enjoy your journey as well. Thank you, again. Have a great day 🙂


  2. But what are we doing by learning about what happened in history and why are we so bent upon making this world a better place for the next generation?

    Addressing the first part. That those who do not study history are compelled to repeat it (George Santayana), might be good as a quote, but in reality it holds little value because human life is already very complicated, and history – which is mostly a study of the human past, is complicated likewise. Human being are very different, and thus every historical event is different in a way or the other. Looking for lessons in history can be a bit risky as we are bound to learn the wrong reasons. An example can be – Appeasement of tyrants. Now appeasement failed in Histler’s case, but it doesn’t mean that it would have failed in Stalin’s case, too. Hitler and Stalin weren’t alike. Stalin did not have any aggresive intent in mind. Concessions could have been a perfectly good policy in Stalin’s case. Circumstances were different. The people concerned were dfferent. Circumstances change. And thus history doesn’t offer any concrete lessonsto us. But it has its purpose. We learn how humans behaved in a certain set of circumstances. This helps us in gaining a broader understanding of humanity. Of who we are. Learning about ourselves can’t be wrong — it shows how human beings have acted and performed in extraordinary circumstances, and how would they likely behave under. a new set of circumstances.

    Now coming to the second part of the question – Making the world a better place for the future generation is a sort of moral responsibilty that we owe them. I’ll get a little imaginative here. Think about your own comforts for a while. The warm blanket and the soft cushion into which you snuggled into the previous night. The delicious cookies that you relished upon this morning. The occasional cool breeze from the meadows that blows against your face as you sit by the window, and that sweeps your thoughts into a state of bliss. The clean simmering water, bubbling with soap, that you had used to clean yourself while having your bath, just a while ago. Now imagine a future generation bereft of all this. All due to mistakes of our current generation. Imagine a scenery similar to any scene from the movie Blade Runner: 20149. A chaotic, dusty world, destroyed by wars and pollution, where food security has become a thing of the past, where climate change has taken a toll on people in the worst way possible. Where malnutrition and disease afflict humanity. Just because the prior generation weren’t careful enough. How do you justify this? That because we are all going to die dissolves all our responsibilities into nothingness? That we have eaten, and enjoyed, our part of the pie means there is no onus on us to dish out the remains to someone whose belly remains unfed? Why? Because we are all going to die some day or the other?

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