23. Agar.io

Dear readers,

Time flies. It’s already the beginning of the fourth month. And this year has been nothing but good to me. And I’m eternally grateful for that. There are a few things I could have done differently, but there are a lot of things I’m happy I voluntarily took part in or did. Almost a year ago I was obsessed with this online game called Agar.io and I’d forgotten about this game until last night when I was procrastinating and going through my play store library to look for apps that I used to have on my phone (extremely random thing to do, I know). So, that got me thinking about the two lessons that this game had taught me but it’s not a universal lesson for everything that we do in life. I don’t think there exists a universal lesson that applies to every problem/situation in life.

  1. Surpass Or Get Surpassed – Yes, this is also similar to a quote by Frank Underwood from House Of Cards. But, this makes so much sense if you look at mainly the professional part of your life. That part of your life where you’re expected to put aside your emotions and make rational decisions. That part of your life where you are trying to climb some hypothetical ladder of life. If you want to be the guy at a better position that you have to overtake the guy who’s hypothetically above you and be that guy. If you want to be the best, then you have to work for it and be the best. You can’t just sit stagnant and expect you to be in the same position for the rest of your life, because then someone who wants to do better and who is at a lower position will surpass you and your stagnant position, leaving you behind. So either hypothetically surpass people and move forward in life or get surpassed and get left behind.
  2. You Can Always Begin Again – And this lesson is one among those very common life lesson that often is forgotten. It’s okay to fail, because you can always begin again. After failing at some thing many of us find it hard to begin again. Even if you were eaten at your prime, don’t be too upset. There is always another chance. There will always be another chance. Chance to start again. And maybe do it better than the last time.

I don’t think I have implemented these two lessons in my everyday life, because I’ve either been lazy or haven’t wanted the said thing enough for me to start again. Maybe, this is where the competitive spirit that I said was lacking a few blogs ago comes into play. And since that blog, I have been pushing forward. That feeling of being stagnant is still there but say from 100% it has come down to a 90%. Slow progress? Maybe. But to be honest, I’m just glad there is a progress. I would love to know what your thoughts are. Hope you all have a great week and month ahead.

Realistic Beginner.

11 thoughts on “23. Agar.io

  1. Surpass or get surpressed so true.. the one thing I found really interesting is that you check your playstore library that’s new!!

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  2. It really is never to lat to start anew, I’m 44 years old unemployed, broke, disabled and homeless but I’m still trying and that’s the only thing that really matters.


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