25. About The Author

Dear readers,

My exams are finally done. I have a two month vacation now. And, there are a few things that I want to do religiously in these holidays. No excuses what-so-ever. But, I’m happy and excited for this break. And, ever since my exams have gotten over, I’ve been waking up early like around 7 am, everyday. Which is surprising, but I’m not complaining. I feel like I have so much time on my hands, now. This week I thought I’ll talk to you all about myself. I haven’t really told you a lot about myself, I’ve only told you what I feel in varied situations, every week. And I’m not a person who shares a lot about myself because I usually have this “actions speak louder than words” mentality. But, since the past few months, I’ve been open about my feelings and it feels good. So, here are a few things about me that I don’t think I’ve shared before.

I love authority. I love speaking with authoritative people. I love being in charge. I love people who are in charge. I look up to people who are authoritative. Because, such people ooze confidence. They know what they want or at least know what they’re talking about. If you ask me to go speak with faculty members in schools/colleges or any CEO of any company or even the prime minister of India, I will do it without a second thought. There are only a handful of people who intimidate me or make me nervous.

I dislike extravagant things. Be it clothes, restaurants, talks, bags, shoes, houses. I am a very homely simple girl. I don’t know why I find extravagant people/things pretentious and deceptive. I don’t really have a proper reason for why I think that way, but I do. I love simple things.

I love people who love making conversations even when either of us or sometimes both of us have nothing to speak. Some may say it is a waste of time. I don’t care what ‘some’ say 😛 Because these are the people who care enough not only to be there when things are bad or good, but even when things are normal and there’s nothing happening in my life. This shows they have accepted my life when it’s mundane and not spicy. And these are the people I’ll try my best to never let go off, even if I’m not in the same city as them.

I dislike when people try to fit in. People have often told me that I’m not like “normal girls”. First of all, there is no such thing as “normal” girls. But, I know what they mean by me not being like “normal” girls. It’s because I like the things that are quite different from what my friends usually like and the way that I think is quite different from many girls. But things like these don’t matter. At least to me. And I’m glad that the all girls/ladies I am the most closest to even though we are all quite different from each other, we always find something new almost every few days to bond over. None of us are trying to fit in. We have just accepted each other for who we are. But, I would hated myself for leaving the things I like or if they changed themselves to be like me, to fit in or be more liked.

These are the few things I could think of. What are your thoughts on my likes and dislikes? What are your likes/dislikes? Let me know in the comment section below. Hope you all have a great and productive week ahead. Happy Sunday 😀

Realistic Beginner.

7 thoughts on “25. About The Author

  1. I hope your exams went well. I love how you don’t get intimidated by people, I wish I felt the same way. And I agree with you about making an effort to start a conversation. Awkward silence is much more difficult to handle…

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