27. The Ideal Teacher

Dear readers,

This week I thought I’ll speak about someone who gave me hope when I was in school. I was a timid, low-on-confidence, talkative, creative and demanding brat, in school. Teachers never really liked me (even now, somewhat). They have punished me. They have given me impositions. They have kicked me out of class. True story: My friend and I weren’t allowed to enter one class for 5 months because we were talking (and laughing) in class. That teacher would walk in and we would walk out and stand in the corridor. (THOSE WERE THE DAYS, EH?) They have given me impositions. They have made me go to the Principal’s office. Any punishment you name it, I’ve done it all. I was at that phase wherein everyone was against me and there wasn’t really someone I could bank on, and I needed external support, support not just from my house, but from outsiders. Then came this lady who was my teacher. She taught me for 3 years straight. She knew everything I did in school. She knew how the other girls in school treated me. She knew what I was going through. EVERYTHING. But even then she didn’t leave my side. She always called me to the staff room and gave me pep talks. Everyone knew that if you have to “tame” me, you have to call this teacher. Deep inside, she was also the only teacher I ever truly respected. She was one honest person. Every teacher always told me that I was capable of much more. But this teacher made me believe it. She scolded me everyday. But I didn’t mind them because I knew she was doing that to bring out the best in me. She taught me what loyalty truly was. She never hated me for the things I’d done. She never judged me for what I’d done. She understood what I was going through. She was a staunch believer of Jesus. She prayed for me everyday. But she never judged me for not believing in God. She made me get professional help in school to help me understand why I was going through that “rebel” stage. She had also helped me get away with a lot of things 😛 She fought with other school faculty members even though I was wrong. She always told me that if anyone tells me anything, it was my duty to tell her. Because I was her student and nobody else has the right to scold her student (me). This teacher was a true bad-ass, I’m not kidding. I absolutely love her and respect her even to this day. I haven’t forgotten even a single thing she ever said to me. She was one among the very few people who pushed me forward. When I’d gone to collect the mark sheet from my school after I had joined college, she was the only person I wanted to meet. She was actually taking class at that moment, she left her class to come out and speak. She asked how I was doing and what I’d decided for college and I was joking about how a person like me, with my background, chose to do psychology for her Bachelors degree and that was when she patted my shoulders and assured me for the first time that now she is not afraid anymore for me because she now knew I’ll do something in my life. And now, she was confident because I showed her confidence in myself and in what I was doing. I asked her why and why now? She smiled and replied that the people who are not afraid to laugh at themselves are the ones who are truly confident and she knew that I was confident now. I never truly got it when she said that. As time passed, I realised how I was afraid to laugh at myself and how I’m not anymore. This lady means a lot to me. She was one among the most instrumental persons who helped me become who I am, now. I’m not in touch with her. Maybe I’ll go to school one day and meet her once. People asked me why I didn’t feel I needed God. It was because she was the God-like figure, I needed. She’ll be happy for me and the way I’ve turned out. I’m sure I have not let her down in any way. She was right. Things and people who truly matter won’t leave your side. Thank you for being an inspiration. Massive respect.

An ex-spoilt brat,
Realistic Beginner.

5 thoughts on “27. The Ideal Teacher

  1. Have you seen lately the plight of teachers? They are tasked with “classroom management” that leaves them powerless to keep order and safety in the classroom. They are required to keep disruptive students in the class. They have been given extra administrative duties and paperwork to do. I feel many parents have dumped their responsibilities on the schools. Almost day care with meals. I do not have answers, but the few teachers like yours are not able to do much anymore. You are so fortunate to have had her.

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