28. A Week That Was

Dear readers,

This week that just went by? It was fun. This was one among those weeks that was filled with decisions that I didn’t put much thought into. I watched Avengers: Infinity War with my childhood best friend, which was super fun. I’ll always be a DC fan. But, I have to say  that Marvel knows how to produce good movies and keep the story line running and interesting. I absolutely loved the movie. A bit of a disappointing end, but another good Marvel movie. A few blogs ago, I spoke about my love for dancing and how I wanted to go back to dancing. And a dance studio I had been going to since I was 5-6 years old were conducting another 15 day summer workshop. Though I was unsure, I decided to go anyway. I learnt a few things about my body that I forgot I could do. I also learnt that I really do have a  “forgetting” problem. I keep forgetting the steps. I can officially say that I have forgotten how to dance the way I used to. Yes, I don’t have it in me anymore. And I’m not being a critic. I’m just stating facts. I’m definitely not upset about it. But joining this dance summer workshop gave me the confidence boost I needed with my body. So what if I can’t do mainstream dancing? My body can still sway and move and that’s more than enough for me. I also went out for lunch with a close friend and that was time well spent. I went for another movie called “102 not out” and the way Amitabh’s character at that age in the movie, looks at life? That’s exactly how I want to my future, way-older self,  to look at life.

The above mentioned are just the important events that took place this week. But what about this week made me want to dedicate an entire blog to it? This week I was content. This week I was laid back. I wasn’t stressing about what I want to do next. I wasn’t thinking about anything related to the past or the future. I was present in the present. Three things I wish I did differently this week would be spending more time reading, less time sleeping and avoiding aerated drinks. This week was different from weeks I usually have. I was just calm. I usually am hesitant to making long term commitments for one particular thing, because I get distracted easily. But, this week I paid for a class which I’ll have to go for one year, which begins after my dance classes end. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but I’ll have to learn to get used to it. I had a great week. How was your week? What did you think about my week? Share your thoughts on this blog. Hope you all have a great week ahead. Happy Sunday.

Realistic Beginner.

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