32. Distance

Dear readers,

This week was interesting. I got my first ever salary. I got nominated for the Virtual Blogger Awards, thanks to GailLovesGod. Didn’t really study as much as I wanted to. But I did go to the gym 6 out of 7 days. Didn’t read/complete any book, yet again. Did play a lot of PlayStation, though.

Distance. People are so afraid of distance. Not me. I love distance. The closer you get, the farther I push you away. And if I let you get close to me, it means that I believe you wouldn’t go to the extent of hurting me. But, let’s be practical for a minute and understand that bad things happen. So, if I let you get close to me, it also means that I am okay with being hurt by you and I’m ready to go to the grind. I’ll still push the individual away sometimes, unintentionally and if the person really cared, they’ll come around. Otherwise, it was just not meant to me.

Distance in relationships sometimes helps the relationship get stronger. And this goes for any kind of relationship. Okay, maybe too much distance is not good as well because we all know how important proximity is for a relationship to work. But constant touch with the individual even through a call or text can safeguard the relationship from reaching the breaking point. Basically, it is important to know what’s happening in the other’s life for the relationship to succeed. It’s when one stops caring enough to know what’s happening, the relationship doesn’t stand a chance of survival. Sometimes, it’s not about how close (in terms of numerical measurements) you are to the individual and more about how close (in terms of emotional attachments) you are to the individual.

So, if you really want a relationship to work, I don’t think distance, proximity or anything for that matter can be a cause for it to not work.

Distance for a person, in general is also very important. The same monotonous pattern can lead to stagnation. So, distance from your work, distance from your family (sometimes), distance from who you choose to be every single day of your life, distance from the same old faces that you see regularly is important, in my opinion, for a happy, content and smooth life. A little distance did hurt nobody. Please do share your thoughts. Have a great week. See you, next Sunday.

Realistic Beginner.

11 thoughts on “32. Distance

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  2. Well hey there. Congratulations on your first salary.

    Secondly, a lot of thoughts on pushing people away and distance. There are so many things that play an important role, something as simple as trust.

    I mean we are moving so fast that some of us can choose to forget very soon.

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