35. Introspective Sunday

Dear readers,

She sat there in her pink shorts and black tank-top, listening to music and sharing memes and some intellectual things written by other beautiful writers online with her family and friends also mildly questioning her existence because she wasted almost the entire day.

Loves listening to other people because it always gives her different perspective on various things in life. Maybe that’s why she never judges anyone. All she sometimes aims to do is get people talking and then she’s set for a beautiful conversation ahead. She barely might add anything, sometimes.

She finally decided what she wants to do next year. Deciding to give her own country which she loves the most a few more chances to make her want to stay and not making it another case of “the other side is always greener” or running off to another country is something she is still confused about.

One thing’s for sure. She’s always yearned for independence. People often mistake her ask for freedom for her being ungrateful of everything everyone has done for her. It’s just that she yearns to do things on her own and not have people spoon-feeding her everything she needs to know, no matter how hard that’ll be. For that she needs to do it from scratch at another city where no one she knows, lives.

She also always looks for people and things that will ignite a fire within.

Also remember this, humility and being authoritative are her weaknesses. She asks for humility with her and authoritativeness with others. She doesn’t care how you are with anyone else. With her and with the ones you love, she expects you to show humility.

Realistic Beginner.

8 thoughts on “35. Introspective Sunday

  1. I relate to you on SO MANY LEVELS!
    I’m also a freedom-seeker and many people feel that I’m ungrateful for what I already have. As for greener on the other side… I’m moving to the other side of my country next year to study, and I’ve been guilt-tripped more than I though possible.
    So I relate but I want to tell you, go find your freedom, girl. This is where YOLO should be applied – you have only one chance to be free.
    Do you often question existence? (Because I’m a big fan.)

    I love your writing style. 🙂

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    1. I’m super glad you could find my words relate-able. Hope you achieve whatever you aim to achieve. And yes, I often question existence and I still haven’t found a satisfactory answer. Let me know if you find yours. Thank you so much!

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