40. Acceptance: Life

Dear readers,

You want so many things in your life, 
You wish you had a million other things,
You yearn to own the biggest every thing,
You want to be the most knowledgeable person in the room,
but, take this “want” out.

The “want” that motivates you to do better in life,
The “want” that should be present in every individual,
just for a moment.

You’ll realise,
in that very moment:
Your life is pretty sorted.

Hope you find solace in this thought and accept your life for what it is, however it is. Acceptance of your life is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Once you accept your life, you can build on it and make it better. But you need to accept what you are and the state you are in, currently, with a practical mindset.

Realistic Beginner.

7 thoughts on “40. Acceptance: Life

  1. Contentment is great! Being satisfied with what you have and are is wonderful. Add dreaming to the equation and you get the best of both world: then and now. Some great thoughts there Realistic Beginner. Keep thinkin’ and workin’ it all. ❤

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