44. Body Image

Dear readers,

I’ve had my fair share of hating my body. Even now sometimes when I look at my stretch marks or my stomach, I get upset and conscious. But trust me when I say this, the way I look at my body is much more positive and healthy in comparison to last year.

Last year if you would ask me how much I hated my body on a scale of 10, I would have definitely said a 9.5 but now it has come down to a solid 1. I still find faults in my body. But I love how my body looks now. I know I am not supposed to boast about the curves and sizes but since I did not find them appealing last year and since I find it appealing now, I can’t help but be proud of them.

Me hating my body happened for a few reasons, one being my height. My height is 5’1. And it hugely impacted my body image. I hated the way I look because I was always made fun of being short, especially in high school. And let me also make it clear that teenagers who went to my school were not at all even close to being nice about it.

Another reason I hated my body was the fact that I was a late bloomer in terms of growing breasts and butt. And that made me looked immature or young for my age. Though I’m glad that I was a late bloomer, it impacted the way I looked at myself and I remember feeling so ashamed that, I being a girl, wasn’t able to do what I was biologically meant to do.

I still look kinda immature for my age. My height has remained the same. But now I genuinely do not care if people make fun of the way I look. I would join them in making fun of me as well and this transition only took place because of two reasons. One, I now have a healthy body image and I love the way I look. Two, I have started going to the gym which boosts me self-confidence in ways I can’t begin to explain.

Deciding to go to the gym was one among the best reasons I’ve ever made. Though the physical changes haven’t exactly been completely evident, I personally can see the changes. Take a picture of me in February (before gym) and in August (after gym) you can see a change. My shoulders have broadened. My curves have become more evident. And this change has changed me and helped change my perspective on my body.

Now, I am not saying that going to the gym is the way to have a healthy body image. Going to the gym worked for me. It necessarily may not work for you. All I’m saying from experience is you need to find that one thing that makes you feel sexy and good, if you are anywhere near to where I was when it comes to having an unhealthy body image. It can be anything. There is no greater feeling that having a great, good, healthy body image. Your whole life changes and becomes more positive.

Realistic Beginner.

16 thoughts on “44. Body Image

  1. That is wonderful to read! It’s so important to feel good about your body. And I love hearing stories about how people start going to the gym and workout. It is such a good way to nourish your body and feel good about your appearance and overall health.

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