53. All or Nothing: Manchester City

Dear readers,

This week was considerably a lazy week even though I had one exam. I was supremely tensed for this exam but it went rather well. Again, I can’t disregard the tension, because this tension helped me study better. This weekend went rather really nice. I watched a docu-series on Manchester City (football club) called All or Nothing: Manchester City and I was absolutely mind-blown. Every minute of the episode wanted me to yearn for something better and bigger in my life. This series made me believe that if we try hard and try really hard with all our determination, a proper well thought-out plan and the ability to adapt when things don’t go as planned, we can make it big. “The best thing about our season is that it doesn’t matter where we were, because we play with character and courage” and “I know it is difficult guys, I know because you want to win. I know. But you have to learn how to play football with courage”  are two major quotes that Head Coach Guardiola says that I will hold close to my heart. I have felt this way for four other movies which are: Bhaag Milka Bhaag, M.S. Dhoni, One Direction: This is us and Step Up 3D. Four movies and 1 docu-series now will be something I was always re-watch when I personally lack determination and have commitment to work issues. One day, I would like to see my self succeed, maybe not big as them, but maybe as successful as I personally want myself to be. I have not been trying hard and I agree. Anything I say can be disregarded as an excuse, but I’m slowly getting there. I can see drastic changes in my self, in the way I deal with people, in the way I let people deal with me, in the way my parents see me. I hope I continue and I hope I can achieve something with it. Right now, my only focus for the next month would be to learn and study enough to get into a college. I have plan B, C and D but I would sure like plan A to work. I promise the readers that I will work my ass to try my best to make plan A work. Hope you have a great week ahead. Cheers.

Realistic Beginner.

4 thoughts on “53. All or Nothing: Manchester City

  1. Hi Realistic Beginner, hope you have a very good day, today. Ya? I hope your plan A working as you have planning. Try, and try. But if it’s not working as you hope, don’t give up. Try B, C and D. And if that also not in your hand, don’t be sad and don’t lost hope. God willing, He will give you something better from these. Ya? Dream big and have courage with effort and persevere. Okay? Cheers and good day to you. (Smiling)

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