57. Lazy Week

Dear Readers,

This week I barely went to college. I went to college for 2/4 working days. I didn’t feel like I could bring myself to want to get up and get ready to go to college. It’s hugely monotonous. I went to the gym 1/6 days. It’s not like I did much at home. It’s not like I watched something fun. It’s not like I slept fully. This was an absolute waste of time week. But I’m not cribbing about it. I chose this. I wanted it to be a lazy week. Like how I choose to make the upcoming week different. And since it was a lazy week, I don’t really have a topic that I want to discuss about or something that I want to say. I let all my creative juices flow in the abstract that I had to write with my friend for a Research paper that we’re working on and on a personal letter that I had to write. I have a long week ahead. I just hope I don’t slack off! Hope you had a better and productive week than I did. Let’s have a great week ahead. Cheers.

Realistic Beginner.

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