59. Scattered Thoughts #2

Dear readers,

  1. Nobody knows enough. Nobody knows everything. Nobody knows the answer to everything in life. Nobody definitely has learnt everything. If that were true, we would have solved so so many unsolved questions we’re in dire need of solving. People who act that they do are fooling nobody but themselves. Nobody should act like they know everything, because they don’t.
  2. I always felt threatened of people who showed that they knew it all, that they had it all. Turns out, after 20 years of fearing such people, I learnt that it is merely a mask that people portray. Even if they don’t know something, they’d act like they do. I personally have also done that. But, in my second year of Bachelor’s Degree, I stopped doing it. I would admit that I don’t know something if I didn’t. If I say that I know something, I’d stand my ground because I truly know it. People think I’m lying, but whatever I say, I say because I truly stand by it and I know what I am talking. People often stop talking to me because of my raw unadulterated talks. Yes, I am still working on my positive outlook to everything, but I often say things the way they are or the way I feel about it, which doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m negative. I’m just telling things the way they are.
  3. Many people sort of imitate me. I get that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but I don’t get flattered, to be honest. I feel threatened when people imitate me. They buy the same things I buy. They do the same things I do. Since, I look it as a threat, I stop doing the things people “copied” from me. One, because I feel like I lose my originality. Two, because I wonder what if they get better at it than I am. I didn’t stand by whatever I was doing, because I was always concerned about what others around me were doing and if they are doing the same things I do. If they are doing the same things I’m doing, I look for ways to make that particular thing different because I don’t want to be the same. I’m trying to not do that anymore, to be honest. I’m trying to not feel threatened by such things.
  4. One among my biggest fears is to be similar to someone else. If there is a particular thing that needs to be done, they need to think of me. I do not know if this quality of mine is bad/good, or will it harm me, but that is how I am. It needn’t necessarily mean one particular quality. It can be a lot of things. But I need to be good at it and people need to remember me for it.

That is all for this week. I spent most of this week in bed, because I was unwell. Hope you have a great week ahead. Adios.

Realistic Beginner.

6 thoughts on “59. Scattered Thoughts #2

  1. You’re right! Nobody knows everything! Everything comes with time and experience, and twe definitely don’t have enough days on this planet to know it all! 🙂

    Your fear of people being like you, or coping you, is interesting. As far as I know I’ve never had anyone copy me so I don’t really know what that’s like, but it should definitely be seen more as a compliment. As for feeling as if they’ll be better at it then you, that sounds like something I might think about when I’m over thinking. I definitely can over think things especially when I’m too focused on myself.

    When I’m more focused on loving and helping others I worry less about what I think I should be good at. Do what you’re passionate about, and do it to the best of your ability. You know what? People care more about how you treat them, then what you’re good at. 🙂

    Being a thinker is awesome. Keep thinking things through! I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

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