61. Reset: 2019

Dear Readers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR, YA’LL. I’m completely aware that I haven’t written a blog for two Sundays which was simply because it felt like my blogs had come to a point wherein all I was doing is updating you all about how busy my week was and how I couldn’t concentrate enough to come up with something to talk about for my blog. Partly, it was true but I was also lazy to come up with something interesting.

I’m also aware that today is not a Sunday but I wanted to break off my break on January 1st and click a reset button on my blog and on my life. I don’t depend on the starting of the year to restart and make new resolutions. But, I thought it would be a great opportunity to evaluate where my life is at in this blog and start with a fresh mindset with a few life principles. I know that I’m not the only one to think about this. Everyone does it. I want to do this, as well. The evaluations made are:

Where am I at in my education? I’m currently doing my final semester of Bachelor’s in Psychology. I’ll be done with my exams by mid-April. I don’t intend to take a break year before I do my Master’s. So, I will be applying for various college across the country and I’ll be giving entrance exams for the same, hoping I’ll get into any one of them. I truly am nervous about my Master’s because I honestly don’t know what I will do if I don’t get to any of these colleges. Yes I know we should always have a plan B and not put all the eggs in one basket, but I’m doing this because I know that if I won’t do this, I will not work hard because in my head I’ll know that I have a back-up plan.  So, one major and most important goal of 2019 would be to get into a college away from home for my Master’s.

Where am I at in my personal life? I am at a place in my life wherein I am very comfortable and accepting for who I am and who everyone is. My confidence in the last yeah has grown massively. I don’t body shame anymore. I’ve started liking my body for what it is. I’m slowly trying to stop seeking external validation and I’m trying to be okay with not getting praises or applauds from others because I don’t want my well-being to get affected because of what others are saying and not saying. I still stress a lot about a lot of things which I slowly must stop doing. I need to stop being critical whenever I have periods during the week wherein I don’t want to do anything and simply laze around. Yes, of course I should not making it a habit, but I need to understand that it is okay for me to feel like not doing anything.

What are my priorities? My priorities will include: The eight people whom I consider absolutely important in my life. My education will be another priority which will include getting good marks for my current semester and for my entrance exams. The books that I intend to and must read this year will be another priority. To practice playing the violin almost every day of this year is something I intend to do. I must also try to work out almost every day of this year. This year I am also going to prioritise to consciously make an effort to be a genuine, honest and good.

Hope you had a good read. I hope we all have a great 2019. I hope we get the chance and the determination to achieve everything we set out to in this year. I personally don’t have any other goals this year apart from getting into a good college which I will wholeheartedly try to succeed at. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll think of something else. Do you have goals/resolutions that you have made for this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. See ya’ll next Sunday!

Realistic Beginner.


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