67. The Day I Failed

Dear Readers,

What have been doing ever since my last blog? I’ve been studying. I wrote an exam. I went for a personal interview because I passed the exam. I personally thought I did quite well. But today I found out that I didn’t get selected for the program. It hurt. It felt like someone pulled the rug from under my feet. It took me two hours just to digest the fact that I’m not going to one of the colleges I wanted to get selected at. I’m not blaming or hating anything or anyone. Sometimes, the odds are not in our favour and shit happens.

Well, I need to start from scratch again. I need to figure out everything again. I’m shocked that for the first time in my life though I don’t know what I am to do next and where I am headed, I am not afraid. I am excited. I haven’t lost hope. I haven’t given up. Even if things don’t go my way this year, I’ll try again next year. I can do so many things, I have so many options which is helping me have faith in myself.

I just wanted to write my feelings because I wanted to keep it real for you all. I’ve failed at something and I’m putting it up on my blog for everyone to read. There are quite a few reasons for why I failed. Some where in my control, some weren’t. I’ve accepted my result. The reasons that were in my control which I didn’t do, which lead to my failure this time, are the reasons I am going to try to avoid repeating for the other colleges that I want to get into.

I know today’s not a Sunday but I didn’t want to not write today, because finding out that I failed today was a major eye-opener for me. Please do share your thoughts. Hope you all have a much better start to the week than I did. Happy Tuesday.

Realistic Beginner.

10 thoughts on “67. The Day I Failed

  1. I can’t just hit I like this post. I like that you failed. But I know personal failure myself. I think it’s empowering to be honest. I admire that you shared. It helped me to write a poem about my own failure. All the best with what happens next.

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  2. I had my fare share of failures and I’m just 23 and I’m expecting more failures . That is life we have ups and downs, don’t let the failures get to you. Learn from the experience , grow and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Always be with a positive attitude, we can’t change the situation but we can surely change how we react to the situation. I’m sure next time you’ll get into the colleges you apply for.

    Don’t lose heart. These are just minor setbacks in your long journey towards success. It shouldn’t bring you down, that being said, its normal and okay to grieve about it for a day or two, as long as you bounce back.

    All the best, hope you get into the college you want in the next intake!

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