71. Weekly Update

Dear Readers,

There nothing much that happened this week. I was lazing around. Sometimes cleaning. I did go out for like 3 days of the week. In the evenings, my mother and I would try stepping out of the house so I don’t feel stuck within 4 walls. I do have a clearer path that I want to follow the remainder of this year. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I also don’t want to stop trying.

This week I realized how important family members are and how we should know who truly is yours and who isn’t. We all make mistakes. We all screw up. But there are some things that you absolutely do not do and should not do to a family member. I usually don’t struggle with giving someone a second chance. But there are a few things that I cannot tolerate and giving a second chance to someone like them is hard. This is literally me thinking out loud. But this did help me realize and be thankful for all those people who are of utmost importance and their value in my life has increased massively.

One thing I realized is that I love the sea. Even if it’s viewing it from a distance. There is this different sense of serenity involved that calms your mind instantly and you do not really think about anything at that moment and you truly focus on the now.

I have not had a productive week, it’s just been lazy and chill. I trimmed my hair a little shorter than usual to give it some more life. This upcoming week I intend to plan and do more and not waste the free time that I have gotten. I can do so much but come morning all I want to do is chill and not to anything. Let’s hope this week is different. I am also trying to get into the mindset of writing weekly blogs again.

How was your week? What do you plan to do for this upcoming week? Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Realistic Beginner.

3 thoughts on “71. Weekly Update

  1. I’m sorry about what happened with you and your family member–it sounds like you are getting support (if I read correctly), so I hope that continues.

    Lazy weeks can be nice if done in moderation. I wish you luck in your endeavors for the up coming week! I too hope this coming week will be productive for me as well. My plan is to study more Japanese and do more writing.

    Looking forward to your next update!

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