77. December’19

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I have come online and blogged about my life. This whole year has been a lot shitty but I have learnt so much and I have accepted so much. And maybe since I am going to be done with 2019 soon and maybe because I do see a future and have plans for the future, I have started feeling a little positive and it’s making me a lot more excited that I have ever been this entire year.

As far as blogging is concerned, I did have plans for this blog, but unfortunately I have not been able to achieve them this year. I can try again from now on though.

As far as my college and my course is concerned, I have officially finished my first semester of MSc. Clinical Psychology. Since, I was ill and hadn’t attended college for almost two weeks, my attendance was way below the expected requirement. So, I’m not allowed/eligible to write one paper. For the first time in my life, I have an arrear paper. I was a little disappointed, but I made my peace with it.

I’ve literally been busy with going to college, coming back from college, sitting in class, eating and sleeping, I haven’t really gotten the chance to spend some time with friends or family or just chill. After so many months, I spent the entirety of yesterday doing nothing.

This week, I have 5 finals in a span of 5 days. I have no idea how I am going to cope with it and if I’ll pass. I am extremely nervous but I’m also looking forward to getting done with this 6 out of 7 papers, so I can read books and play games after. I have so many pending books (literally 3 small cupboard filled with books) that I want to read.

Aaaand, it’s December, alreadyyyyy! I can’t believe this year is about to end. Are you all excited that Christmas is just round the corner? What are your christmas traditions? Which is most memorable Christmas ever and why? What have you all been upto? Hope you all had a great first week and may the next three weeks be filled with joy and happiness. Happy Sunday, everybody!

Realistic Beginner.

11 thoughts on “77. December’19

  1. Christmas is the name of a Public Holiday, a religious fest, a piss up, a family reunion, a lonely day, a day to be shared with strangers …it’s like an orgasm …all the build up and next thing everyone is lying around exhausted, but whatever you make it it’s a good reason to be with family because as you get older you notice them thinning out, old ones sick and pass away, young ones spreading out around the globe and suddenly they fade because well, we just can’t all get together….maybe next year…get together any chance you can and enjoy the differences in your lives…sing, laugh, fight, swim, drink, eat …..it’s a day especially made for such things….and you can even prey if you want to …….for everyone to have a happy life.

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  2. It’s been a long time since I was in college, but you have my sympathy about health problems. As to Christmas, my family does get together then, as you know from my own post. The grandson of my friend Janet recently married, and Janet told me a little story from the mother of the bride. They have their own holiday; Thanksmas sort of a reunion with the trappings of both holidays. Christmas is what you make of it in your own way.

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    1. “Christmas is what you make of it in your own way.” Love this line
      Congratulate the newly wed couple on my behalf, please. Hope they have a wonderful life together πŸ™‚
      Thank you for commenting.


  3. For no reason other than “I don’t believe in it” we just don’t do christmas and all that stress. We have a tradition going back a few years now though, that on that day we celebrate the baked bean and have that on toast for lunch (with all the trimmings we fancy). Nothing days are just as good as busy ones, for we are not to keep the engine running when it isn’t necessary, just because it is expected of us.

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