78. Exam Week

Dear readers,

This week is definitely THE MOST HECTIC WEEK of my life. I had 5 back to back exams from Monday to Friday. I had so much to study and revise and so little time. But I’m considering this semester as my trial semester and now I know how I should study and prepare for the next semester.

So literally nothing happened apart from sleeping for like 2-3 hours of sleep, surviving on several cans of redbull and studying. It was a completely different experience because for all my exams up until now, I always had like a gap of two-three days.

I have one exam remaining which is on Tuesday. Since, I’m not allowed to write tomorrow (monday’s) paper, I have an extra day to prepare for that exam. So yay. I also have taken up a case for therapy which is quite interesting.

I’ll probably have more things to talk about next week. How was your week? What did y’all do? I hope you all have a great week ahead πŸ˜€

Realistic Beginner.

10 thoughts on “78. Exam Week

  1. I know what it’s like to have back to back exams…not to mention practical ones..so I totally get you. One just tries to revise as much as one can and one can’t wait for it to get over!
    But the way your posts are as relatable and touching as ever😊

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