92. Day 15

Dear Readers,

My day 15 of self-quarantine was by far the most productive day I’ve had. I had this one chore pending for at least 9-10 months. I finally sat down and organised all my notes and UG files subject-wise. My room cleaning is officially 80% done. There are a few things that I want to shuffle around and organise them better. I’m glad I can finally strike that chore from my to-do list.

There are a few notes that I’ve scribbled on various sheets of paper. I wanted to write it down in one notebook. I’m done with 30% of the writing. I also had a few college works that I wanted to get done before going to bed.

Unfortunately, I then found out that my paternal grand uncle had passed away. I didn’t really get the chance to do anything else. My grand uncle has given my family and me so much to laugh about. He’ll always be remembered.

I hope all of you are safe, healthy and in your homes. I hope you’re all washing your hands regularly and are all practising social distancing. I hope you’re all not wasting water because we don’t want this pandemic to lead to another worldwide natural disaster: water scarcity. I hope you’re all exercising at home. And I hope you all are avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

I understand that it can get a little irritating. It can feel like you’re stuck within four walls but try to focus on the positives and work on yourself and better yourself so we can all fight this together and resume our lives as soon as possible.

How are you all doing?

Realistic Beginner.

12 thoughts on “92. Day 15

  1. Firstly, I am so sorry for your loss. My mother died four years ago. Everyone experiences loss differently. One of the most helpful things, for me personally, was a comment a friend said to me while we were talking one day. “You feel the pain you do because you still love deeply even though she’s not here. That’s beautiful. Love is beautiful. Not even death can change that.”

    I do not know your situation, but from the few things you mentioned, I feel that you cared for your grand uncle. I hope you find peace amid what may be a sorrowful time.

    Currently, I am catching up on blogs I follow and going through emails. I moved into a new apartment over the past few days and have not been able to keep up with things as I normally would. It feels good to be getting back on track and filling up my to-do list with highlighter marks. It helps me feel productive and like I did something with myself.

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    1. This comment was exactly what I needed. Your friend was absolutely right. That love I have can’t be taken away from me. Thank you so very much.
      And I’m glad you’re getting things done. I think this is a perfect time to decorate your house the way you want it and still have time on your hands!


  2. In the United States – we are under “shelter in place” orders … but we are still having issues.

    Am staying isolated – had to get food the other day… I did not like that!! People are very nervous and suspicious of everyone else.

    It is spring here (for the most part) everything is blooming – and then you have allergies lol … so if you cough or sneeze 🤧… Oh my god! Do I have it? Ugh Lol

    But we are keeping our spirits up or trying to. It’s hard not working … and worrying lol … we joke around and just take it one day at a time.

    There are some really nice moments … I wouldn’t normally have so much time to just be with my kids… and I have not had down time since my cancer surgeries – so that part is nice. I appreciate that ❤️

    But anyway… just over here being a hermit ✌️

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    1. That’s true. Everyone’s so suspicious. Lol.
      I have dust allergy and the minute I start sneezing everyone I know asks me if I’m okay and do I feel like I need to get tested. But I immediately feel better after I take my medicine for allergy. And plus, I don’t show any other signs or symptoms.
      I was not aware that you underwent cancer surgeries.
      I’m glad you are getting to spend this time with your family.

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      1. Hahaha that is so funny – people do that here too… you sneeze, cough, or even sniffle – Oh my god! And it is allergy season here too!

        Yeah I had cancer from 2018 until just last July. It was breast cancer I had many lumps – they were hurting… I had been through lumpectomies before but those had been fine – was not fine this time… it was a huge whirlwind… it was hard.

        But I am ok – they got all the cancer – it was ductal carcinoma (cancer of the milk ducts) I did have issues fighting it, but I caught early…

        I talk to everyone about checking your boobies… and women who know (everyone knows lol – I am not silent there) they ask me how to check or how I knew. So just important to know your body, know what it feels like – not being creepy – being serious – know your changes.

        Yeah I kinda help women be aware. I also help women who are just starting. I help walk them through what’s gonna happen. Helps. Tremendously – I had women who did that for me ❤️✌️ forever thankful ❤️

        I had many people holding my hand through that in all different ways ❤️ that held me up and I survived so yay! Lol ✌️

        But yeah was horrific to go through and terrifying – I had wonderful amazing support ❤️ it kept me alive

        I am glad for these moments with my kids too ❤️❤️❤️ hope you get to be with your family too?

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      2. You truly are an inspiration. I’m glad you’re okay now. I’m glad you had people with you to help you through this. I’m so so happy for you.
        And yes, I get that with my family as well. My parents and my older brother – we’re like 4 peas in a pod. I love them to bits! I’m glad that I could relate to what you said ❤

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  3. HI. Glad to see you’re feeling positive in these strange times. Tell me, are you able to get out for exercise or are you in a total lockdown? Here in the UK we are permitted out for exercise once a day which leads to some comical moments as we all try to avoid getting to close to each other and remain polite. I see a new dance coming.

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    1. Hi,
      I live in India and we’re under total lockdown. We can only go out in case of emergencies. We’re not allowed to step out for exercise!
      And hahaha, I can imagine how that must be.
      Hope you’re safe and well!


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