95. Day 23

Dear Readers,

Today is day 23 (April 10, 2020) of being at home. These three days feel so bizarre and abnormal. I didn’t really do much. I started reading a book, and I played a few games on my phone.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 17.05.54.jpeg

^ I worked on my mandala for a couple of hours. This is the second mandala I have ever attempted. But, I did like the way it turned out. There are a lot of mistakes in this mandala as well, though. I did lose patience quite a few times and was often hasty. Maybe as I practice more of these, I’ll get better. I am sticking to the basic designs because I don’t know how to draw complicated ones, yet.

I’m still struggling with my sleep schedule, and I don’t know what to do about it.

But I’m thoroughly enjoying reading a book and not really doing much. I finally feel like the pressure is off. The need for trying to make every minute of the day count. I think I’ve finally made my peace with not being productive every minute of every day. I’m enjoying watching YouTube vlogs and listening to podcasts.

I’ve also realised that I can pass the time very easily. It’s just this feeling of not doing “productive things” that got to me.

What are you all doing?

How have you all been passing the time?

I hope all of you are safe and healthy in your house. I hope you’re all washing your hands regularly and are all practising social distancing.

I hope you’re all not wasting water because we don’t want this pandemic to lead to another worldwide natural disaster: water scarcity. I hope you’re all exercising at home.

And I hope you all are avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

I understand that it can get a little irritating.

It can feel like you’re stuck within four walls but try to focus on the positives and work on yourself and better yourself so we can all fight this together and resume our lives as soon as possible.

Realistic Beginner.

7 thoughts on “95. Day 23

    1. At that time I was reading a non-fiction book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.
      And I’ll check them out, thank you!

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  1. Liking the mandala. I can also understand how you can lose patience. Someone gave me a Lego kit as described in my blog today. I thought I was patient until I started building this.
    Glad you no longer feel the need to do productive stuff

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  2. Oh wow!! Love that one too! I love it with colors like that!! … that’s not a complicated one? 😮 I couldn’t do any of the ones I’ve seen you post! Oh my – complicated must be extremely crazy intricate!!

    My sleep schedule is off also… I try to keep it somewhat with a routine, which does help kind of… it’s just with way less activity – you don’t get as tired. And then sometimes you worry or whatever else

    I try to find things to do… I do things I need to take care of and still handle online… or catch up with my people on the phone, take a walk… fresh air and sun are awesome… and then of course WP

    Don’t take daytime naps if you want a normal night sleep schedule.

    It is very hard being isolated like this. But kinda like being able to stop and smell the roses for a minute. It will be handled and life will come back… then we look back on and think … “did that really just happen?” Lol

    Yup we are practicing good hand washing, not touching face – staying home (except for going to work)

    So far – knock on wood… we are still doing good!! ✌️

    Glad you are safe and doing well also! Hopefully you find your sleep schedule. ✌️

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    1. Hahahah, it’s a very basic design xD
      I’m glad you’re finding things to do.
      I’m glad you’re doing well. Touch-wood!
      I’m slowly finding my rhythm with my sleep cycle, thank you!

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