98. Day 71

Dear Readers,


I was in a zombie zone – getting done with all the assignments due. I didn’t feel confident. I took a lot on my plate irrespective of having assignments due. I started panicking.

I became extremely negative about everyone and everything. After my family and friends explained it to me – I realised what I was doing. I started panicking about panicking, and I think that until today I was in panic mode.

I stopped panicking today. I thought I’ll write a blog and try to bring back some level of normalcy and colour – into my life.

It may seem like I am getting carried away and thinking about the future – but I have always been the person to plan the future. So I have started working on my “goal”. But this time – I won’t be telling/sharing what I have in mind. I feel like I’m jinxing it by talking about it or announcing it.

The people extremely close to me know that I’m starting to prepare. I guess there’s no need for X, Y or Z to know about every decision I’m making and the process. I’m only talking about it here because I need to document this time in my life.

So that when I look back and read my blogs – I hope I have a sense of “little did she know how her life is about to change”. Yes – I am a bit of an idealist.

Well – coming back to the now – I’m much better. I have six assignments that are still pending. I am soon interning again. So I’ll be a part of 2 internships – which seems fun. The aim in June would be dedicating as much time as I can for studying. Nothing else.

I’m adopting the retrospective mindset. I’ll explain more about it when I see it working because again – I don’t want to speak too soon. Before June begins, I want to finish my pending assignments – so I can focus on studying and my internship work (assuming my college doesn’t resume in June).

With regards to creativity, blogging, social media and playing games – I’ve stopped engaging in such activities. I log into my social media accounts only when I want to upload something. I barely scroll through my feeds nowadays.

I barely read the news – I read it only when it pops up as a notification. I realised that there is something called “too much” social media. One thing I did do – was to cook a lot – even if it was to make the same dish over and over again.

Hope you all are doing well. I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m sending you all loads of love and positive vibes.

Realistic Beginner.

6 thoughts on “98. Day 71

  1. That sounds like a pretty awful 30 days. Breaking nasty cycles is always nice, so I hope you don’t fall into it again.

    Good luck with the pending assignments and internship! Do the internships relate directly to what you want to do in psychology (as I recall that’s what you’re studying; hopefully I didn’t get it wrong), or is it a bit of a “general” thing and it could be anything relating to psych?

    By the way..the mandala picture on the top–is that one you made?

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    1. I luckily didn’t fall into it again. And you were right. It is a psychology internship – more specifically – a clinical psychology internship. And yes, I made that mandala, did you like it?

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      1. I’m relieved to hear you didn’t fall into it again!!

        That internship sounds so exciting! Have you been able to do anything so far, or are you primarily following a mentor?

        Also–yes! I do like the mandala. The inking is so smooth and detailed. It’s so pretty!

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      2. I’m primarily simply following a mentor who’s teaching me what different types of therapies exist and how we can implement them and who benefits from each therapy. And thank you, glad you liked it.

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  2. In part I understand what you’ve been through. I suddenly found I had nothing to blog about, stopped reading and generally felt out of sorts for about 10 days. Like you, I did cook. I guess we have to find a creative outlet. But now I’m back and have 2 posts I’m pleased with. I hope you are able to go on writing now. I’ve also noticed a few people have had too much social media during lockdown and less people seem to be blogging as regularly as they use to. Hope your plans come together. Keep blogging.

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    1. Thank you so much for this. I’m glad you could relate! And you’re right, it’s all about finding a creative outlet and keeping yourself busy.

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