99. Day 110 of Lockdown

Dear Readers,

Today is the 6th July 2020 – day 110 – of staying in the house. June has been a crazy month. George Floyd, Sushant Singh Rajput and Fenix and Jayaraj – heartbreaking and shocking – is all I can say.

As for what I have been since I last blogged – I was sorting things out in my head. I’ve had not been studying/reading as much as I wanted to. I procrastinated using “college assignments” as an excuse.

I completed the show Dark (more like binge-watched it on the same day of its release). I joined a 10-day internship. I’ve been learning a lot from that. It’s quite cool how we can “study/work from home”. Football matches are back again. I had a lot of days – wherein all I did was sleep.

I am hoping that July is a little more structured and I follow the daily to-do lists sincerely. I’ve also started working out – again hoping that I continue. To make sure I do the two things I need to do this month and hold myself accountable, I have two study buddies and at least four to five people working out with me.

I did try painting again – which was fun.

My friend and I are planning to start something in August. I cannot wait for you all to know. I’m very excited about that.

With regards to my mood – I have been a little irritated, defensive and easily triggered. So I created a mood tracker for this month to understand where I stand concerning my overall mood.

My sleep cycle is all over the place. I am not actively trying to change the pattern because when I try to – I put too much pressure on myself, and I end up enjoying any part of the day. When the time is right, I’ll eventually have a proper 8-hour sleep in the night.

What has been up with you all? How have you been? What are some things you did in June? What have you planned for July? How is your overall mood? And lastly – are you all safe and healthy and in the house?

I’d love to know what you all have to say. Have a great July. I’m sending you all loads of love and positive vibes.

Realistic Beginner.

6 thoughts on “99. Day 110 of Lockdown

  1. Glad to see you are relaxed about life and, more, have something to look forward to in August which you’re excited about. Keep up the workouts. My experience is that exercise really does make a positive difference although I sometimes have to drag myself to do it. And…what is a mood tracker?

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