103. Living Alone For A Month

Dear Readers,

In March, I had the opportunity to live alone for like thirty days. I had to leave my family and come back to my house in another city. I have always wanted to do this. I have always wanted to live alone and be independent. I knew the struggles of being alone, and I prepared myself for it. But did I prepare myself enough? I’m not so sure.

One of the biggest learnings of this experience would be that I can finally say that I have the confidence to live alone. And now, I know that I can pull it off.

I knew living alone will be very hard, and that’s why I wanted to do it. The one thing no one tells you about living alone (especially if you’ve lived your entire life in a bubble created by your family) is that you will have to pick up the slack on your own. You’re going to lose track of time. And no one is going to be there to discipline you.

I ended up with no structure to my day. I ended up eating a lot of junk. I ended up skipping meals. I didn’t drink enough water. I had to get through something extremely emotional all alone. I didn’t have a proper sleep cycle. I worked out for like 2/30 days. I only worked on things that had deadlines. I didn’t put any effort into doing anything productive/fun.

And during this period, it felt like time was not my friend. I wasn’t able to appropriately gauge the passage of time. I wasn’t paying attention to how much time had passed, and before I knew it, it’s been 30 days.

Today, on my last day of staying alone, there’s not much I can do because after this, I will have people around me, people who will keep me in check. But this was my experience, and there’s so much I learnt about what I can and should do and what I shouldn’t do and prepare myself (accordingly).

I hope that April ends up being a better month in all aspects (for me). I’d love to know your thoughts on the blog. How have you all been? How was March for you? How would you like your April to go? I hope you all have a great month ahead.

Realistic Beginner.

16 thoughts on “103. Living Alone For A Month

  1. Your post made me smile. I feel this is exactly what my daughter will go through if and when she has to live alone- especially the line ‘ there was nobody to keep me in check’🙂.

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  2. I love my own space but have learnt the habits and disciplines that make it very workable. I guess as with all changes there are structures to put into place at the beginning and when that is done things start to take shape and life begins to look productive. Sit and write yourself a plan, try it, modify it and then discipline yourself to work with it. It will soon become away of life.

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