104. Living With Panic Attacks

Dear Readers,I'd written this a while ago whilst I was doing this volunteering work as a content writer. And I thought I'd put it up on my blog. I do realise that everyone experiences panic attacks differently. And disclaimer; I also realise that this can be triggering for some of you out there. I will [...]

Twenty Seventeen

Dear readers, I don't want this to be just another 2017 review post. But, I have to tell you this, 2017 was by far, the best year ever. I'm emotionally a stronger person. I don't shy away from a lot of things, anymore. There are still a few, but that just makes me who I [...]


Dear readers, Though, I am in a dilemma half of the time, there is one thing I know that is certain. This is, I am comfortable. I am comfortable with how I look, with the way I dress, the way I am. Obviously, this doesn't mean that I would stop here and stop trying to [...]

Who are we?

Dear readers, This week, I thought I'll post an introspective blog and asking random but deep questions. So, let's begin with, "How well do you know yourself"? Do you ask other people what they think you are? Do you ask yourself? When do you ask yourself such questions? Do you base it on how you [...]


Dear readers, She feels like the ground beneath her is slipping. She cannot breathe. She thinks that now, she is afraid of being lonely. She is nauseous. She is in a room filled with people, but she can't hear a thing they say to her. She has a book in her hand, but she can't [...]