79. Passive Leeches

Dear readers,

This week, I got a lot of work done in terms of bringing structure to my life. I did have free time to be able to work and binge-watch the show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for the third time. On Friday, (20th December, 2019) I got my nose pierced. I’ve been meaning to get my nose pierced ever since I was a child and I finally got it done. So YAY. I played my first game of chess in a long long time. This week I thought I’ll talk about an experience that I’ve had difficulty letting go.

A little paragraph to better understand the writer: Me, as a person, I have this tendency to explain things. I need to explain why I am feeling what I am feeling. I need to explain if someone asks me a question. I need to elaborate. If someone asks me if I’m fine, I’ll explain why I’m fine or why I’m not fine. This need for elaboration often lands me in trouble. I feel like people don’t like explanations. I think people like everything to be short and sweet. Nobody wants an essay about what’s currently going on in their life. Nobody gives a shit anymore. That’s where I guess my love and fascination towards blogging increased. Because here I can say anything without a word limit. So what I’m explaining is what I’m feeling basically, in all my blogs. 

So there’s this concept that I’ve formed of people whom I’d like to call ‘passive leeches’. They have a way of leeching off other people’s success passively, owning the success like they’re the ones who’ve put in the hardwork and destroying everyone around them. They have a few qualities which would include having parents who are loaded with money, the ability to own the best things, the ability to dress well, the ability to walk in a room with 100% confidence and the ability to show everyone that they know it all. For better understanding; these passive leeches act like they’ve read and understood Ayn Rand when in fact all they’ve been able to read are Enid Blyton’s books and sometimes, I feel like they don’t even understand them.

I’ve known quite a few passive leeches in my life. Most of them don’t really affect me that much. I’ll explain a few things these Passive Leeches have done to me. These people make me feel bad for being smart. These people who have never understood Enid Blyton have the audacity to call me stupid for reading Ayn Rand. It’s almost ironical and amusing. These people have made me feel bad for working hard.

These people call me stupid for enjoying explaining things to people (refer to the beginning for the post). These people make me feel bad because of the colour of my skin. These people make me feel bad about having a clear skin. These people take my assignments, copy them word to word and gets better marks than me. These people steal my ideas and use them to get better marks. These people told me that I’ll look like shit if I get my nose pierced. These people seek out for my help and my notes to help them pass an exam but don’t have the decency to acknowledge the fact that I’m helping them.

If I am honest, I’m getting a little tired of people like them. Because it got to a point where I started defining my worth yet again and changing the way I’ve lived my life because of passive leeches like them (not in a huge way but in a way that affected my life). 

I know for a fact that I’m more evolved that they are. I am not going to let them define or change who I am. I am not worthless. I may not be confrontational but I am definitely done letting the be an important part of my life. I don’t care if this makes me look snobbish or proud.

I’ve had this blog idea for almost the last 3-4 months, but I didn’t have the time to execute it properly. Now that I had the time I thought I’ll write it down. I hope you all had a great week. May the upcoming week be filled with joy, happiness and productivity. Also I know it’s almost 3.5 days early but MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY. Have a lovely cozy Christmas!

Realistic Beginner.

39. Words #1

Dear readers,

Loyalty. Loyalty is my favourite word. If I were to ever get a tattoo of a word on my body, it would be of the word “loyalty”. Loyalty always comes first for me, though it is temporary. Loyalty can last for a day, for a week, for a month, for a quarter, for a year, for several years. In rare cases, even for a lifetime. You cannot buy my loyalty or seek for my loyalty. My work and actions will tell you clearly how loyal I am to you. I will never personally tell you that I am loyal to you or your work. I’ve been loyal to very few people in my life and I would give my life for them, if needed. Loyalty is something that gets involved in everything you do in life.

Sex. Integral part of life. Love every little feeling involved. Everyone does it. There is a dire need to extinguish the social stigmas that revolve around sexual intercourse (especially with regard to sex before marriage). As far as there are two consenting adults engaging in this course of action, the world can go to hell.

Marriage. It is very sacred. It is a beautiful contract between two individuals who don’t mind living with each other for the rest of their lives. People should not get into it if they’re not a 100% sure. You’ll be causing a lot of damage if you get into it without putting too much thought into it. Damage can be immediate or 10 years later or even 50 years later. But, there will be consequences and people will get hurt.

Religion. Something man made to deal with their fears. Something man made to make money. Something man made to find solace. You really want something to deal with your fears and make money and find solace? Make your WORK your religion. And worship it.

Happiness. It’s all about perspective. You can find happiness in anything and everything if you look at it that way. Don’t fake happiness. But try to find happiness (even in extremely lame pj’s) and change your mood. I personally, find happiness in little things.

Selfishness. My friend introduced me to this thought. Why is selfishness always looked at in a negative perspective? Selfishness can be a positive trait. I completely agree. I am selfish. I want things/people in my life to be dedicated/loyal to me. I want to drive a Porsche Carrera GT. I want to own a wooden brick house with a huge lawn. And there is nothing wrong with being selfish as far as it doesn’t harm others in any way.

Reason. Everyone has a reason for why they are doing what they are doing. We are nobody to judge or pass comments on anything anyone does. From extra-marital affairs to murder to sex before marriage to drugs to prostitution to money laundering to stealing to giving birth to telling lies. There’s always a reason. I need to know what the reason is. Once I know it, I let them be. But I need an explanation and a reason to deal with and understand that situation.

Laziness. However funny and self-depreciating jokes I make about laziness, I personally will always view laziness in the negative sense. A person should never be lazy no matter how funny or cool it may seem. I hate that quality in myself. (I will overcome this obstacle one day and not be lazy). But yes, laziness doesn’t do anyone good.

These are a few words that I picked up and decided to write my thoughts on. There may be a part 2 when the time is right. Hope you liked them. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Realistic Beginner.