83. Hi, Again

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-08 at 16.53.06Dear Readers,

Well, a lot of things happened from my graduation till now. But I’ve been lazy or sick to sit and write about them. So, here are the highlights:

My graduation went really well. I am a proud Bachelor’s degree holder. I had so much fun that night. The dinner with some of my friends and my teachers will be something that I’ll always cherish. I had an amazing weekend after that. I’d completed two years of something that I cannot be more proud of.

I drew my first ever mandal:

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-08 at 18.53.11 (1)

Drawing this mandal was probably the most therapeutic thing I learnt to do on my own. Probably not the best looking mandals, though. After this, I started changing things. I started learning to get more interested in things I’d lost interest in. I started developing a more positive outlook on life. There were people around me who were only negative and that started getting to me. I got advice from valuable sources and started changing that as well.

I then went for my first ever calligraphy class:WhatsApp Image 2020-03-08 at 18.53.11

Excuse the shabby spots and lines on the paper. Attending this was so much fun. I am so glad I could go. I found this to be supremely therapeutic as well. I’ll continue this for as long as I can. The next day I drove (alone for the second time) to the nearby mall to watch a movie with a dear friend which was fun. I also got the chance to clear the air and that felt really nice especially because it came from the bottom of my heart.

The first of March started off really nice. I got the chance to go back to my college where I did my Bachelor’s to attend a conference. I again got the chance to spend time with my professors and gain insights. It was a brilliant day!

After this, things went spiraling down. I fell sick. I couldn’t attend an exam. I was better by the weekend. Then again I fell sick on Thursday and I’ve been sick since. I couldn’t attend another exam. And this time when I fell sick, it was severe and scary considering what’s going on in the news. But I’m better today. Fever’s come down. I’m obviously still tired and not fit enough, but I’m much better compared to yesterday and the day before.

Well this is about me. The priority for this week would be to get healthy and catch up on everything that I’ve been procrastinating for so long and check all my boxes on my to-do list. How’re things going with y’all? What have y’all been upto? Please share your views in the comment section below and also like and share! Hope you all have a great week ahead 🙂

Realistic Beginner.

29. Passion – A Want For More

Dear readers,

Nothing much happened this week. Every morning, I went for my dance class. I officially got my first job, this week (genuinely not boasting, just wanted to write this because I was so happy when I found out) I found out that there is something wrong with my shin. I hope nothing severe. I cleaned the two drawers that had all my old notes and journals in. I found so many things that bear no significance now. That’s life, isn’t it? So, as I was going through my stuff, I found so many poems that I had written but I never had the guts to show it to anyone because I never thought they were good enough. But now, I do not care if they’re good enough or not, I thought I’ll post one this week.

So, there is no background story to this poem. I wrote this on the train when I travelled alone for the first time ever. My iPod ran out of charge. There was no phone signal for me to text or call someone. I finished the book I wanted to read on the train. So, I decided to write this poem.


When life knocks you down you get back up,
Why? Because PASSION.

Because your soul is filled with passion.
Passion to get back on your feet and do it all over again.

Passion is a fire-filled soul,
which will lead you to your goal.

No matter what, you shall be strong,
Strong enough to tell right from wrong,
Strong enough and brave enough to sing your own song.

Passion will give you the courage to be courageous,
and the power to be gracious.

Passion will give you the high that no drug can,
and it’s as cheap as sitting under the sun and getting a tan.

Passion found me and I found passion,
Mainly because I was yearning for it and paying attention.

Passion is so uncommon because people are
ready to settle down and are content with just inexpensive cars.

Where did all the will to grow and flow,
and to enjoy every bit of life, go?

Yes, I find joy in little things, which doesn’t mean,
that I don’t aim for the stars and want to be seen.

Look for passion because it is not always at your door,
Find it, treasure it, don’t lose it, and always, want for more.

Fun fact: I read this poem on my first ever Open Mic event I participated in. I have stage-fright, so I forgot the lines on stage and ended up reading the latter half from the sheet I carried. Hope you liked it. I am open to criticism. Let me know how you feel about my poem. Hope you had a great week. Have a great and productive week ahead.

Realistic Beginner.