101. Self-Reflection

In this blog you will find me self-reflecting about how I've reached a happier place. You'll also find me explaining what mood-trackers are (picture included). Hope you like it!

100. What Have I Learned From Writing 100 Personal Blog Posts

Dear readers, THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST! Before I begin, the featured image of this post is something that I attempted with orange and black paint. Hope you all like it. Back to the post. THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST. It is something that I'm really proud of. When I first started my [...]

99. Day 110 of Lockdown

Dear Readers, Today is the 6th July 2020 - day 110 - of staying in the house. June has been a crazy month. George Floyd, Sushant Singh Rajput and Fenix and Jayaraj - heartbreaking and shocking - is all I can say. As for what I have been since I last blogged - I was [...]

98. Day 71

Dear Readers, I was in a zombie zone - getting done with all the assignments due. I didn't feel confident. I took a lot on my plate irrespective of having assignments due. I started panicking. I became extremely negative about everyone and everything. After my family and friends explained it to me - I realised [...]

97. Day 40

Dear readers, Today is day 40 (27th April 2020) of lockdown. I don't know where to begin or what to tell you all. This week went so fast that it was almost like I didn't live this week. I did a lot of work. Have quite a few online assignments coming up in the next [...]